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The department initially had five sections (Disaster Rescue Section, Fire Prevention Section, EMS Section, Rescue Command Section, and General Affairs Section), four offices (Secretariat, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, and Civil Service Ethics Office) and two corps that oversaw fourteen fire stations when first established in July 1999. Afterwards, the department established Meilun Branch on December 18, 1999, Fuyuan Branch on August 28, 2001, Heping Branch on October 5, 2003, Sanmin Branch on January 26, 2007, Ziqiang Branch on December 4, 2009, Wanrung Branch on June 19, 2014, Shuilien Branch on July 4, 2014, and Zhuoxi Branch on July 8, 2014. 
To better tackle emergencies, the department reorganized based on the protocol of Ministry of the Interior. Disaster Management Section was added in 2008 and Inspector and Training Section was added in 2014. Nowadays the department has the authorized strength of 338 employees who belonged to eight Sections (Disaster Rescue Section, Disaster Prevention Section, Disaster Management Section, Fire Investigation Section, EMS Section, Rescue Command Section, General Affairs Section and Inspector and Training Section), three offices (Personnel Office, Accounting Office and Civil Service Ethics Office) and three corps that oversee twenty-two branches.
The department provides emergency medical, fire prevention, firefighting and disaster rescue service.In order to correspond with the public demand for safety, the department sets up Emergency Medical Service Team and Special Search and Rescue Team step by step. We aim to provide the first-rate and sound service and to dedicate ourself to securing all of our citizens.
1.Date of establishment:
   Established at No.53, Sanmin St., Hualien City, Hualien County on July 1,1999.
2.Current Address:
   Relocated to No.842, Sec. 3, Zhongyang Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County on April 8,2010.
3.First Director-General, Mr. Huang,Deng-wang (July 1999 – February 2006)
4.Successive Director-General:
   Mr. Xie,Guo-en (March 2006 – March 2010)
   Mr. Yan,Xin-zhang (April 2010 – December 2014)
5.Current Director-General, Mr. Lin,Wen-rui (from January 2015)